Free Consultation - Training Video Production

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Creating training, instructional, or tutorial videos can have great direct and indirect benefits for your business. Some of the benefits are:

  • help you attract more customers to your website.
  • increase revenue by charging for your training videos, as added value to your exisiting services and products.
  • help you save money in staff training and retain corporate knowledge, especially if you're in an industry with high staff turn over.
  • preserve your business, or company, history

If you have an idea for a training, instructional or tutorial videos for your business, let us help you take the hassle away from the technical and production side where you can focus on the content.

This first consultation meeting is free which takes about an hour. In the consultation we will determine:

1. Your objectives, or aims, for the training video series
2. The audience you'd like to reach
3. Value to those audience
4. Value to you
5. Why is it important?
6. Resources you have
7. Resources you need
8. Schedule
9. Budget

At the end of this consultation meeting we will give you a report of our discussion, initial production schedule and quote.

So book your free consultation by adding to cart.