Film Projects

Thank you so much for your interest in our Films.

All our films are produced under the banner Space Faring Civilisation, and they all have a common theme of "Optimistic Sci-Fi".

Hi, I am Masoud Varjavandi, the owner of Unity Productions and Producer of SFC Films. I am an emerging filmmaker taking the initiative to make more optimistic Sci-Fi starting with Short-Films, to hone in my craft as well as build up my team, to eventually TV Series (eg: Abdul's) and feature films.

I love optimistic Sci-Fi, such as Star Trek, Babylon 5 and The Orville, to name a few. As well as great entertainment, they are great education and inspiration for the next generation of space enthusiasts & explorers.

As well as using all my resources to make more optimistic Sci-Fi, I'd like to encourage others to make and watch Optimistic Sci-Fi. As the saying goes "What we imagine we tend to create". So let's imagine a better world. Therefore I've created a facebook group, and a youtube channel, to bring fans of optimistic Sci-Fi together.

Facebook Group:

Youtube Channel: