Sponsor Our Films

Thank you so much for your interest in sponsoring our film projects.

All our films are produced under the banner Space Faring Civilisation, and they all have a common theme of "Optimistic Sci-Fi".

Completed projects:
The Last Broadcast, Value Of Life, First Contact, The Talk

Projects In Development:
First Austronaut, Abduls (Web series) 

There are 3 main ways to sponsor, or support, us:

Currently we would appreciate if you can spread the word, subscribe to our youtube channel and help us grow our audience. Thank you Masoud

1. Join our youtube community: watch our past films and participate in the conversation to help us make better inspiring optimistic science fiction films. Click on the link below to subscribe:

2. Make general donations: Your generous donations will go towards running the youtube channel and development of film ideas. Coming Soon

3. Contribute to specific film projects: contributions can be in the form of money, resources or man power. Coming soon


1. To you - You name and brand displayed in this page as a sponsor. If you donate substantial funds to a particular film your brand will be listed in the film credits, and where appropriate brand placement in one of the films.

2. To our local Australian film industry - The more films you support us to make the more you are supporting our film Industry in Australia. Thank you, and you should feel proud.

3. To global science fiction community - More diverse and optimistic science fiction films will make our narrative history even more richer. You are part of that history.