Our Story

 Hi my name is Masoud, I am the owner of unity productions. I believe in the unity of mankind, we were created as one human family. I believe in a positive future where we don't destroy ourselves, but on the contrary we explore the galaxy as one united species meeting our galactic neighbours in peace, pursuing our common goal of knowledge and understanding of the cosmos. That is why I've started this production business, where I want to make movies/films with a positive vision of the future. We will create your time capsule movies with the same passion of connecting you to your future grand children, and descendants. The exploration is not just through space, but also through time. Looking forward to a better future. The world is what we make of it. So let's make it better.

Craig DixonHi, I'm Craig. I am a Television Production student at Charles Sturt University and avid filmmaker. I also work at Unity Productions as a Camera operator. I love film.

I enjoy working behind the camera. I believe that visual media is the best tool for telling stories and sharing messages. I want to help you record your messages for your children, grand children, and descendants.