Business Videos

Marketing is probably the hardest part of growing a business. While I am not a marketing expert I can help provide you with the best tool to attract customers to your business, and that is video. There are many video types that can help with your marketing, however my experience has shown there are two main types that seem to work the best together:

1. A 30 second promotional video - This is a very short video to highlight the services you provide and to tell your potential customers a little bit about yourself. This is an initial ice breaker to get people in the door. The 30 seconds may seem short but it is deemed the ideal length for quick advertisement.

2. Training or Instructional video - These are more regular podcast type, or DIY type, videos. The idea is to solve a problem or two for your customers, or to give add on support, so it builds trust and a fan base. The result is more repeat business from your loyal customers.

We help you create both types of videos, please click on the thumbnails below to get more details of each.