Time Capsule Film

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Time Capsule Film looks to the future focusing on what message you want to give to your children, their children and their children and so on. What are your hopes for the future? What have you learned that you want to pass on?

Send a message across time to your grandchildren in the future where they are grown up with children of their own. Give them a precious gift of yourself in the movie where it will make them excited and happy to see a message across time. Don't just settle for boring photo slides or shaky video footage, make it exciting, educational, inspiring and most of all give them the sense of where they came from. We will come to you on a set day where we'll consult first on the message you want to send across time. Then we'll record beautiful footage. Finally we'll take the recorded footage, and any other material you'd like to include, and create a beautiful mini documentary with your message which your grand children will love. 

Great for, but not limited to:

  1. Birthday parties - Surprise your grandchildren when they turn 18 with a movie of you loving them now as a child.
  2. Anniversary parties - Show your family and friends, at a party, this movie telling the story of the growth of your relationship with your spouse through time.
  3. Time capsule - Save a legacy of you and your family for generations to come, by including this movie on a CD, or USB memory stick, in your time capsule and bury it to be opened in 100 years time.

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